海运业务常用缩略语 (下)(中英文 N-Z)

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n. net 净值

N. A. net assets 净资产

n. a not available 暂缺

N. A. non-acceptance 不承兑

NA not applicable 不可行

N. B. nota bene 注意

NC no charge 免费

N/C net capital 净资本

n. d. no date 无日期

N. D. net debt 净债务

n. d. non-delivery 未能到达

ND next day delivery 第二天交割

NDA net domestic asset 国内资产净值

N.E. net earnings 净收益

n. e. no effects 无效

n. e. not enough 不足

negb. negotiable 可转让的、可流通的

Neg. Inst., N. I. negotiable instruments 流通票据

nego. negotiate 谈判

N. E. S. not elsewhere specified 未另作说明

net. p. net proceeds 净收入

N/F no fund 无存款

NFD no fixed date 无固定日期

NFS not for sale 非卖品

N. G. net gain 纯收益

NH not held 不追索委托

N. I. net income 净收益

N. I. net interest 净利息

NIAT net income after tax 税后净收益

NIFO next in, first out 次进先出法

nil nothing 无

NIM net interest margin 净息差

NIT negative income tax 负所得税

N. L. net loss 净损失

NL no load 无佣金

n. m. nautical mile 海里

NM no marks 无标记

N. N. no name 无签名

NNP net national product 国民生产净值

NO. (no.) number 编号、号数

no a/c no account 无此帐户

NOP net open position 净开头寸

NOW a/c negotiable order of withdrawal 可转让存单帐户

N/P net profit 净利

NP no protest 免作拒付证书

N. P. notes payable 应付票据

NPC nominal protection coefficient 名义保护系数

NPL non-performing loan 不良贷款

NPV method net present value method 净现值法

N. Q. A. net quick assets 速动资产净额

NQB no qualified bidders 无合格投标人

NR no rated (信用)未分等级

N/R no responsibility 无责任

N. R. notes receivable 应收票据

N. S. F. (NSF) no sufficient fund 存款不足

NSF check no sufficient fund check 存款不足支票

nt. wt. net weight 净重

NTA net tangible assets 有形资产净值

NTBs non-tariffs barriers 非关税壁垒

ntl no time lost 立即

NTS not to scale 不按比例

NU name unknown 无名

N. W. net worth 净值

NWC net working capital 净流动资本

NX not exceeding 不超过

N. Y. net yield 净收益

NZ$Content$nbsp;New Zealand dollar 新西兰元


o order 订单

o. (O.) offer 发盘、报价

OA open account 赊帐、往来帐

o/a on account of 记入......帐户

o. a. overall 全面的、综合的

OAAS operational accounting and analysis system 经营会计分析制

OB other budgetary 其他预算

O. B. ordinary business 普通业务

O. B. (O/B) order book 订货簿

OB/OS index overbought/oversold index 超买超卖指数

OBV on-balance volume 持平数量法

o. c. over charge 收费过多

OC open cover 预约保险

o/d, o. d.,(O. D.) overdrawn 透支

OD overdraft 透支

O/d on demand 见票即付

O. E. (o. e. ) omission excepted 遗漏除外

O. F. ocean freight 海运费

OFC open for cover 预约保险

O. G. ordinary goods 中等品

O. G. L. Open General License 不限额进口许可证

OI original issue 原始发行

OII overseas investment insurance 海外投资保险

ok. all correct 全部正确

o. m. s. output per manshift 每人每班产量

O. P. old price 原价格

O. P. open policy 不定额保险单

opp opposite 对方

opt. optional 可选择的

ord. ordinary 普通的

OS out of stock 无现货

O/s outstanding 未清偿、未收回的

O. T. overtime 加班

OTC over-the -counter market 市场外交易市场

OVA overhead variance analysis 间接费用差异分析

OW offer wanted 寻购启示

OWE optimum working efficiency 最佳工作效率

oz ounce(s) 盎司

ozws. otherwise 否则

p penny; pence; per 便士;便士;每

P paid this year 该年(红利)已付

p. pint 品托(1/8加仑)

P.A. particular average; power of attorney 单独海损;委托书

P.A. personal account; private account 个人账户、私人账户

p.a., per ann. per annum 每年

P&A professional and administrative 职业的和管理的

P&I clause protection and indemnity clause 保障与赔偿条款

P&L profit and loss 盈亏,损益

P/A payment of arrival 货到付款

P/C price catalog; price current 价格目录;现行价格

P/E price/earning 市盈率

P/H pier-to-house 从码头到仓库

P/N promissory note 期票,本票

P/P posted price (股票等)的牌价

PAC put and call 卖出和买入期权

pat. patent 专利

PAYE pay as you earn 所得税预扣法

PAYE pay as you enter 进入时支付

PBT profit before taxation 税前利润

pc piece; prices 片,块;价格

pcl. parcel 包裹

pd paid 已付

per pro. per procurationem (拉丁)由...代理

PF project finance 项目融资

PFD preferred stock 优先股

pk peck 配克(1/4蒲式耳)

PMO postal money order 邮政汇票

P.O.C. port of call 寄航港,停*地

P.O.D. place of delivery 交货地点

P.O.D. port of destination; port of discharge 目的港;卸货港

P.O.R. payable on receipt 货到付款

P.P. payback period (投资的)回收期

P.P.I. policy proof of interest 凭保证单证明的保险利益

POE port of entry 报关港口

POP advertising point-of-purchase advertising 购物点广告

POR pay on return 收益

PR payment received 付款收讫

PS postscript 又及

PV par value; present value 面值;现值

q. quarto 四开,四开本

Q. quantity 数量

QB qualified buyers 合格的购买者

QC quality control 质量控制

QI quarterly index 季度指数

qr. quarter 四分之一,一刻钟

QT questioned trade 有问题交易

QTIB Qualified Terminal Interest Property Trust 附带可终止权益的财产信托

quad. quadruplicate 一式四份中的一份

quotn. quotation 报价

q.v. quod vide (which see) 参阅

q.y. query 查核

R option not traded 没有进行交易的期权

R. response; registered; return 答复;已注册;收益

r. rate; rupee; ruble 比率;卢比;卢布

RAD research and development 研究和开发

RAM diverse annuity mortgage 逆向年金抵押

RAN revenue anticipation note 收入预期债券

R&A rail and air 铁路及航空运输

R&D research and development 研究与开发

R&T rail and truck 铁路及卡车运输

R&W rail and water 铁路及水路运输

R/A refer to acceptor 洽询(汇票)承兑人

R/D refer to drawer (银行)洽询出票人

RB regular budget 经常预算

RCA relative comparative advantage 相对比较优势

RCMM registered competitive market maker 注册的竞争市场自营商

rcvd. received 已收到

r.d. running days=consecutive days 连续日

RDTC registered deposit taking company 注册接受存款公司

Re. subject 主题

re. with reference to 关于

RECEIVED B/L received for shipment bill of lading 待装云提单

REER real effective exchange rate 实效汇率

ref. referee; reference; refer(red) 仲裁者;裁判;参考;呈递

REO real estate owned 拥有的不动产

REP import replacement 进口替代

REP Office representative office 代办处,代表处

REPO, repu, RP Repurchase Agreement 再回购协议

req. requisition 要货单,请求

REVOLVER revolving letter of credit 循环信用证

REWR read and write 读和写

RIEs recognized investment exchanges 认可的投资交易(所)

Rl roll 卷

RLB restricted license bank 有限制牌照银行

RM remittance 汇款

rm room 房间


RMS Royal Mail Steamer 皇家邮轮

RMSD Royal Mail Special Delivery 皇家邮政专递

RMT Rail and Maritime Transport Union 铁路海运联盟

ROA return on asset 资产回报率

ROC return on capital 资本收益率

ROE return on equity 股本回报率

ROI return on investment 投资收益

ROP registered option principal 记名期权本金

ro-ro roll-on/roll-off vessel 滚装船

ROS return on sales 销售收益率

RPB Recognized Professional Body 认可职业(投资)机构

RPI retail price index 零售物价指数

RPM resale price maintenance 零售价格维持措施(计划)

rpt. repeat 重复

RRP Reverse Repurchase Agreement 逆回购协议

RSL rate sensitive liability 利率敏感性债务

RSVP please reply 请回复

RT Royalty Trust 特权信托

RTM registered trade mark 注册商标

Rto ratio 比率

RTO round trip operation 往返作业

RTS rate of technical substitution 技术替代率

RTW right to work 工作权利

RUF revolving underwriting facility 循环式包销安排

RYL referring to your letter 参照你方来信

RYT referring to your telex 参照你方电传


S no option offered 无期权出售

S split or stock divided 拆股或股息

S signed 已签字

s second; shilling 秒;第二;先令

SA semi-annual payment 半年支付

SA South Africa 南非

SAA special arbitrage account 特别套作账户

SAB special assessment bond 特别估价债券

sae stamped addressed envelope 已贴邮票、写好地址的信封

SAFE State Administration of Foreign Exchange 国家外汇管理局

SAIC State Administration for Industry and Commerce (中国)国家工商行政管理局

SAP Statement of Auditing Procedure 《审计程序汇编》

SAR Special Administrative Region 特别行政区

SAS Statement of Auditing Standard 《审计准则汇编》

SASE self-addressed stamped envelope 邮资已付有回邮地址的信封

SAT (China) State Administration of Taxation (中国)国家税务局

SATCOM satellite communication 卫星通讯

SB short bill 短期国库券;短期汇票

SB sales book; saving bond; savings bank 售货簿;储蓄债券;储蓄银行

SBC Swiss Bank Corp. 瑞士银行公司

SBIC Small Business Investment Corporation 小企业投资公司

SBIP small business insurance policy 小型企业保险单

SBLI Savings Bank Life Insurance 储蓄银行人寿保险

SBN Standard Book Number 标准图书号

SC sales contract 销售合同

sc scilicet namely 即

SC supplier credit 卖方信贷

SCF supplier credit finance 卖方信贷融资

Sch schilling (奥地利)先令

SCIRR special CIRR 特别商业参考利率

SCL security characteristic line 证券特征线

SCORE special claim on residual equity 对剩余财产净值的特别要求权

SD standard deduction 标准扣除额

SDB special district bond 特区债券

SDBL sight draft, bill of lading attached 即期汇票,附带提货单

SDH synchronous digital hierarchy 同步数字系统

SDR straight discount rate 直线贴现率

SDRs special drawing rights 特别提款权

SE shareholders' equity 股东产权

SE Stock Exchange 股票交易所

SEA Single European Act 《单一欧洲法案》

SEAF Stock Exchange Automatic Exchange Facility 股票交易所自动交易措施

SEATO Southeast Asia Treaty Organization 东南亚公约组织

sec second(ary); secretary 第二,次级;秘书

sect. section 部分

Sen senator 参议院

Sept. September 九月

SET selective employment tax 单一税率工资税

***tuplicate   (文件)一式六份中的一份

SEC special economic zone 经济特区

SF sinking fund 偿债基金

Sfr Swiss Frank 瑞士法郎

SFS Summary Financial Statements 财务报表概要

sgd. signed 已签署

SHEX Sundays and holidays excepted 星期日和假日除外

SHINC Sundays and holidays included 星期日和假日包括在内

shpd. shipped 已装运

shpg. shipping 正装运

shpt. shipment 装运,船货

SI Statutory Instrument; System of Units 有效立法;国际量制

SIC Standard Industrial Classification 标准产业分类

SIP structured insurance products 结构保险产品

SITC Standard International Trade Classification 国际贸易标准分类

sk sack 袋,包

SKD separate knock-known 部分散件

SLC standby LC 备用信用证

SMA special miscellaneous account 特别杂项账户

SMEs small and medium-sized enterprises 中小型企业

SMI Swiss Market Index 瑞士市场指数

SML security market line 证券市场线

SMTP supplemental medium term policy 辅助中期保险

SN stock number 股票编号

Snafu Situation Normal, All Fouled Up 情况还是一样,只是都乱了

SOE state-owned enterprises 国有企业

SOF State Ownership Fund 国家所有权基金

sola sola bill, sola draft, sola of exchange (拉丁)单张汇票

sov. sovereign 金镑=20先令

SOYD sum of the year's digits method 年数加总折旧法

spec. specification 规格;尺寸

SPF spare parts financing 零部件融资

SPQR small profits, quick returns 薄利多销

SPS special purpose securities 特设证券

Sq. square 平方;结清

SRM standard repair manual 标准维修手册

SRP Salary Reduction Plan 薪水折扣计划

SRT Spousal Remainder Trust 配偶幸存者信托

ss semis, one half 一半

SS social security 社会福利

ST short term 短期

ST special treatment (listed stock) 特别措施(对有问题的上市股票)

St. Dft. sight draft 即期汇票

STB special tax bond 特别税债务

STIP short-term insurance policy 短期保险单

sub subscription; substitute 订阅,签署,捐助;代替

Sun Sunday 星期日

sund. sundries 杂货,杂费

sup. supply 供应,供货

t time; temperature 时间;温度

T. ton; tare 吨;包装重量,皮重

TA telegraphic address=cable address 电报挂号

TA total asset 全部资产,资产

TA trade acceptance 商业承兑票据

TA transfer agent 过户转账代理人

TAB tax anticipation bill (美国)预期抵税国库券

TACPF tied aid capital projects fund 援助联系的资本项目基金

TAF tied aid financing 援助性融资

TAL traffic and accident loss (保险)交通和意外事故损失

TAT truck-air-truck 陆空联运

TB treasury bond, treasury bill 国库券,国库债券

T.B. trial balance 试算表

t.b.a. to be advised; to be agreed; to be announced; to be arranged 待通知;待同意;待宣布;待安排

t.b.d. to be determined 待(决定)

TBD policy to be declared policy 预保单,待报保险单

TBL through bill of lading 联运提单,直达提单

TBV trust borrower vehicle 信托借

TBW Thompson Bankwatch, a rating agent 托马逊银行评估公司

TC tariff circular 关税通报

TC telegraph collation 校对电报

T.C. traveler's check 旅行支票

TCI trade credit insurance 贸易信用保险

TCIC technical credit insurance consultants 技术信用保险顾问

TCM traditional Chinese medicine 中国传统医学,中医

TD time deposit 定期存款

TD Treasury Department (美国)财政部

TDA Trade Development Authority 贸易发展当局

TDC technical development corporation 技术开发公司

TDC Trade Development Council (香港)贸易发展局

TDR Treasury Deposit Receipt 国库券存据

Tech technical 技术的

Tel. telephone number 电话号码

telecom telecommunications 通讯

temp temperature; temporary (secretary) 温度;临时(秘书)

TESSA Tax Exempt Special Savings Account 免税特别储蓄帐户

TEU twenty-foot-equipment unit (货柜、集装箱)20英尺当量单位

TF trade finance 贸易融资

t.f. till forbid 直到取消为止

tgm. telegram 电报

three T's type, terms, technique 交易三要素,即交易类型,交易条件,销售技术

thro., thru. through 经由,通过

Thu. Thursday 星期四

TIP to insure promptness 确保迅速

TIR carnet Transports Internationaux Routier (法国)国际公路运输证

tks. thanks 致谢,感谢

tkt ticket 票

TL time loan; total loss; trade-last 定期贷款;总损失;最后交易

TLO, T.L.O. total loss only=free from/of all average 全损赔偿险

TLX telex=teleprinter/teletypewriter exchange 电传

TM trademark 商标

TM telegram with multiple addresses 分送电报

TMA Terminal Market Association 最终市场协会

TMO telegraph money order 电汇单

TN treasury note 国库券

TNC transnational/multinational company 跨国公司

TOD time of delivery 发货时间

Tonn. tonnage 吨位(数)

TOP Trade Opportunities Program (美国)贸易机会计划

T.O.P. turn over, please 请翻转

TPM total productive maintenance 总生产维修(护)制

TPND theft, pilerage, and non-delivery 偷窃及不能送达险

tpo telephoto 电传照片,传真

TQ tariff quota 关税配额

T.Q., t.q. tale quale (拉丁)按现状,现状条件

TQC total quality control 全面质量控制

TR telegram restante; trust receipt 留交电报;信托收据

T.R. tons registered (船舶)注册吨位

Tr. transfer 过户,转让

traditio symbolia   (拉丁)象征性交费

Tranche CD certificate of deposit 份额存单

trans translated 译本

treas treasurer 会计,出纳,库管,司库

Trip. triplicate 一式三份中的一份

Triple A 3A 3A级,最佳债券评级

TRS terminal receiving system 港外待运仓收货制度

TRT Trademark Registration Treaty 商标注册条约

TSP Total Suspended Particle 总空中悬浮物(污染指标)

TST test 检查,检测

TT Testamentary Trust 遗嘱信托

TT, T/T telegraphic transfer 电汇

T.T.B. telegraphic transfer bought 买入电汇

T.T.S. telegraphic transfer sold 卖出电汇

TTY teletypewriter 电报打字员

TU Trade Union 工会,职工协会

Tue, Tues Tuesday 星期二

TV terminal value; television 最终价值;电视

TW transit warehouse 转口仓库

TWI training within industry 业内训练

txt. text 课文,电文,正文

Ty. territory 领土,(推销员的)推销区域

T&E Card travel and entertainment card 旅行和娱乐信用卡

T&H temperature and humidity 温度和湿度

T&M time and material 时间和材料

T/C time charter 定期租船,计时租船

t/km ton kilometer 顿/千米


U union; upper; fashionable; polite 联盟;上等;时髦;礼貌

U, U. unit; United 单位;联合的;联合(公司)

U.A. unit of account 记账单位,记价单位

U.K./Cont. United Kingdom or Continent 英国或欧洲大陆(港口)

U.K.f.o. United Kingdom for orders 英国沿岸的指定港口

U.L.C.C. ultra large crude carrier 超大型油轮

U/A underwriting account 保险帐户

u/c. undercharge 不足的价钱,少讨的价钱

U/M unscheduled maintenance 计划外维护

U/W, UW underwriters 保险公司,承销人

UAE the Union of Arab Emirates (阿拉伯联合酋长国)阿联酋

Uberrimae fidei of the utmost good faith 最诚信的

UBR uniform business rate 统一商业税率

UBS Union Bank of Switzerland 瑞士联合银行

UCP Uniform Customs and Practice (for Documentary Credit) (跟单信用证)统一惯例与事物

UGT, ugt urgent (电报用语)急电,加急

UHF ultra high frequency 超高频

UIT Unit Investment Trust 单位投资信托

UITF Urgent Issue Task Force (财务报表)紧急补救解释处

Ull. ullage 缺量,损耗

ult. ultimo (拉丁)(商业函电)上月的

Ultra vires beyond the powers of 超过......的权限(有限公司)

UN United Nations 联合国

undelvd. undelivered 未装运的

Univ university 大学

unkwn. unknown. 未知的

unrevd. unreceived 未收到的

UNSYM unsymmetrical 不对称的

UOS unless otherwise specified 除非有特别说明

UPC Uniform Practice Code 《统一作法法典》

UPR unearned premiums reserve 未获得保险金储备

ur. your 你的

US United States; Unlisted securities 美国;未上市证券

USD United States dollar 美元

USG United States gallon 美国加仑

USIT Unit Share Investment Trust 单位股投资信托

USM Unlisted Securities Market 为挂牌(上市)证券市场

UT universal time 世界标准时间,格林威治时间

UUE use until exhausted 用完为止

UV under voltage; ultraviolet 电压不足;紫外线

v refer to 参见

v., vs versus (拉丁)对

V Roman 5; victory; volt (罗马数字)5;胜利;(电压)伏

V.A. value analysis 价值分析

VAB vertical assembly building 垂直装配建筑物

vac vacation 假期

vac. vacant (职位)空缺,(旅馆、公寓)空房间

VAT value added tax 增值税

VC Vice Chairman; Vice Chancellor; Vice Consul 副主席;副首相;副总理;副领事

VD volume deleted 勾销的数量

VE value engineering 价值工程

Veep Vice president 副总裁

VER voluntary export restraint 自愿出口限制

Ves. vessel 船舶

via. through, by way of 经由,通过

vid vide (see) (拉丁)参看,请看

VIP Very Important Person 贵宾

vis major (拉丁)不可抗力

viz. videlicet, namely (拉丁)即,也就是

VL value line investment survey 价值线投资概览法

V-mail video-mail 声像电子邮讯系统

VOD video on demand 交互电视技术系统

vol. volume 量,额,本,卷,容积

voy. voyage 航海,航程

VQA vendor quality assurance 售主质量保证

VQC vendor quality certification 售主质量确认

VQD vendor quality defect 售主质量缺陷

VRM variable rate mortgage 可变利率抵押

VS/N vendor serial number 售主系列号

VSI vendor shipping instruction 售主船运说明

VSO Voluntary Service Overseas 海外义务服务

VSQ very special quality 特级质量

VSSP vendor standard settlement program 售主标准程序结算

VTC Voting Trust Certificate 股东投票权信托证书

VTP vendor test program 售主检测计划

VTR video tape record 录像带录像

W weight ton; winter mark for load line; won 重量吨;(船舶)冬季装载线标记;(韩国)元

W., w. warehouse; watt; weight; width; week 仓库;瓦特;钟量;宽;星期

W.A. with average 水渍险,保单独海损险

W.A.C.C.C. Worldwide Air Cargo Commodity Classfication 全球空运商品分类

W.A.I.O.P. W.A. irrespective of percentage 单独海损不计免赔率,单独海损全赔

WAEC West African Economic Community 西非经济共同体

WAG wagon 卡车

WAN Wide Area Networks 泛区网络

WASH Washington; washer 华盛顿;洗衣机

WB, W.B. waybill 运送单

WB World Bank 世界银行

W.B. water ballast (以)水压载,水压舱

W.B.S. without benefit to/of salvage 不享有获救财产的利益

w.c., W.C. without charge; water closet 免费;洗手间

WCG working capital guarantee 流动资金担保

WCO World Customs Organization 世界海关组织

WD when distributed (股票)发售时交割

wd. warrented (品质)保证的

wdth. width 广度,宽度

Wed Wednesday 星期三

WEF World Economic Forum 世界经济论坛

W.E.T. Western European Time 西欧时间,即格林尼治时间

wf. wharf 码头

WFOE wholly foreign owned enterprises 外资独资企业

W.G., w.g. weight guaranteed 保证质量

WH watt-hour 每小时瓦特

WHO World Health Organization 世界卫生组织

whs, whse. warehouse 仓库

whsle wholesale 批发

WI when issued (股票)发行时交割

WIP work in progress=goods in progress 在制品

wk week; work 星期;工作

Wky. weekly 每星期的,周刊

wmk watermark 水印

Wmk. water mark 水位标记

WOC without compensation 无补偿

WP weather permitting; word processing 天气允许;文字处理

W.P. without prejudice 不损害(当事人)权利

W.P.A. with particular average=with average 水渍险

W.P.M. words per minute (电传)每分钟字数

W.P.P. waterproof paper packing 防潮纸包装

W.R. war risk 战争险

W.R.=W.W. warehouse receipt=warehouse warrant 仓单,仓库收据

Wrap worldwide receivables assurance protection 全球应收账款担保措施

WT warrant (股票)认证股

WT watertight (包、盒)不漏水的,防水的

WT, W/T wireless telegraphy, wireless telephone 无线电报;无线电话

wt., wgt. weight 重量

WTO World Trade Organization 世界贸易组织

W/Tax withholding tax 预扣税

WW warehouse warrant; with warrants 仓库保证;附认股权

w/w wall-to-wall 覆盖全部地面的(地毯)

W/W warehouse-to-warehouse 仓至仓

W/W clause warehouse-to-warehouse clause 仓至仓条款

www worldwide web 万维网,全球计算机网


X ten dollars (美国俚语)10美元

X ex-interest 无利息

X Roman 10; a kiss; an unknown number, thing, name, etc. (罗马数字)10;一吻;未知数(物、名等等)

X. ten; X; out of 十;X;在外

x.a. ex all 无所有权益

x.b., xb; XB ex bonus; extra budgetary 不附(本期)红利;预算外的

X.C., X. cp. ex coupon 无息债券

x.d. ex distribution 不包括(下期股息或红利)分配

X-Dis ex-distribution 无分销

X. d., X. div. ex dividend 未付红利

X-efficiency   X效率

XI, X. in, X. int. ex interest 利息除外

XL extra large; extra long 特大;特长

Xm., X'mas Christmas 圣诞节

X-mark a signature “X”符号签字(盲人或受伤的人可以画“X”作为签字)

Xn Christian 基督的

XN, XW ex-warrant 除证

X.n., X. new ex new 无权要求新股

X.P. expres paye=extra message paid 额外通讯费付讫;已令函奉上

XR, x.r. ex -right 无优惠权认购新股,除权

XS extra small 特小

Xtry. extraordinary 非常的,临时的

XXX international emergency signal 国际紧急信号

Y ex-dividend and sales in full 不计红利,全数出售

Y Yen 元(日本货币单位)

Y Yuan 元(中国货币单位)

y yard; year; yen 码(三英尺);年;日元

Y.A.R. York-Antwerp Rules 约克-安特卫普规则(海险)

YB, yrbk yearbook 年报,年鉴

y'day, yest. yesterday 昨天

YLD yield 收益

YOB year of birth 出生年份

YOD year of death 死亡年份

YOM year of marriage 结婚年份

yo-yo stock   “悠悠”股票(波动大、不稳定的高价特种股票)

yr year; your 年;你的

YTB yield to broker 经济商收益

YTC yield to (first) call 至通知赎回时收益

YTM yield to maturity 全期收益,到期收益

z zero; zone 零;区

ZBA zero bracket amount 零基数预算法

ZBB zero-based budgeting 零基数预算法,免税金额,免征点

ZDD zero defect program 无缺陷计划

ZIP code   邮政编码

Z. P. G. zero population growth 人口零增长

ZR zero coupon issue 零息发行

zswk this week 本周

ZT zone time 区时

Z-Time Zebra time=GMT 格林威治时间